Free Couch Removal & Sofa Donation Pick Up

Fast, Free Couch Pickup!

You can easily schedule a pick-up with Le Couches in just 30 seconds, we offer free removal for gently used couches, sectionals, sofas, and recliners. While we can also take away armchairs and other items, there may be a small fee.

How This Works

STEP 1: Request

Fill out the form with details about the furniture you want us to Remove.

After we get your request, we'll get in touch to set up a convenient time for the removal.

On the agreed day, we'll come over and take the items from your home for FREE*.

*Free pick up is for Couches with minor wear and tear. See if your furniture qualifies by completing the form below.

STEP 2: Schedule

STEP 3: Remove

Fill Out the Form To Schedule

Call or text us if you are not able to fill the form or for any other inquiries

Got some old couches you need to get rid of ?

Le Couches makes couch donations easy. We adapt to your schedule, conveniently picking up your old furniture from your home or office, and handling the hauling. Say goodbye to the hassle of dragging it out to the curb on your own.

No need to stress about your couch's condition. If it doesn't meet our donation requirements, we can still take it off your hands for a fee. Plus, rest assured that a portion.

It's a good idea to submit the form ASAP. We can schedule pick-ups weeks in advance to match your timeline, and you can easily adjust or cancel if necessary. Requesting a pick-up won't cost you a dime, so feel free to cancel if your plans change – no worries!

Please Note

Furniture that is older, seriously damaged or stained is subject to a removal fee. Submitting the removal request form helps us assess if we will need to charge a fee. The only items we don’t currently remove are bed frames, mattresses, and large entertainment centers.

When Should You Submit the Form?

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